Network and IP extenders 

IP Network and PoE Repeater are sometimes required to achieve network connections outside the standard network limitations. IP Network and PoE repeaters require very little installation time and absolutely no set up or configuration. Installation requires simply connecting the unit in line with the network run. Each unit extends the cable run by 100 meters or 328 feet. An Ethernet repeater draws power from the POE network switch and extends the power for the next 100 meters. If the network switch is not a POE device the an optional power input can be found on the units and they can also function as a POE inserter in addition to extending the network communication signals. IP Network and PoE repeaters should be fully 802.3af compliant as a POE source and device. It is ideal for extending network signals or networks and POE signals. As Shown in the example below.

Network and PoE extender - ER16500C
 IP and Ethernet Network Extenders 

  • Transmits up to distances of 600 meters / 2000 feet
  • Supports multi-camera installations
  • Supports mega-pixel cameras
  • Supports any network device, including IP cameras
  • Transparent to the network - Simply plug and play, no set up or configuration required.
  • Built-in surge protection
  • LED indicators for network signals, link status and power
  • IP Cameras over Coax Installation Video
  •   Outdoor IP over Coax  Installing IP Cameras Over Coax Outdoors
        Single Channel EoC     Single Channel EOC IP Cameras Over Coax
         Multi-Channel EoC     16 Channel EOC IP Cameras Over Coax