Replacing Analog Cameras With IP Cameras Over Coax 

Nitek, the innovator of the IP over coax technology introduced a revolutionary multi-channel (eight or sixteen port) IP video over Coax receiver. The Multi-Port IP video over coax receiver not only contains the eight or sixteen EtherStretch™ receivers but it is also a Gigabit PoE plus network switch. The EtherStretch™ receiver unit extends IP cameras over coax up to 500 meters (1,640ft.) while sending power over Ethernet on the same coaxial cable to operate up to 16 transmitter units (which are sold separately). The Etherstretch solution allows for the utilization of existing coaxial infrastructure to both transmit IP cameras and other network devices and to power them over the coax as well. The Multi-Port IP over coax Receiver and the individual units comprise a system which can transmit multiple IP cameras over coax and can quickly turn any ordinary RG59U coaxial cable into a high speed network communication & PoE path. When operating over RG59U coaxial cable, the IP camera over coax network extenders can operate for distances of up to 500 meters (1,640 feet). The coax Ethernet extender receiver along with the transmitters require very little installation time & absolutely no set up or configuration. When retrofitting an existing analog site the eight or sixteen channel EtherStretch™ receiver simply takes the place of the existing analog DVR. The existing coaxial BNC cables are removed from the DVR and attached to the BNC connectors of the EtherStretch™ "IP Cameras Over Coax" receiver. The EtherStretch™ receiver's intergraded PoE+ power source will send IEEE 802.3af or 802.3at power over the coax to power the remote IP cameras over coax transmitters and their connected PoE IP camera. The system is transparent to the network and has no IP or MAC addressing. Simply connect your network devices to the network ports of the Ethernet over coax transmitters and receivers along with existing coaxial cabling and the system begins communicating. LED indicators show the status of network communication and PoE power. As Shown in the example below.

Multi-Port IP Over Coax Wiring Diagram - ER16500C
 IP Over Coax Advantages 

  • Reduced Labor Cost - Utilizing the exsisting coaxial cable reduces the amount of labor needed to install the new IP CCTV video system.
  • Extended Cable Distance - Using Ethernet over Coax extenders allows you to run 100Mbps up to (500 meters) 1,640ft.
  • Less Network Hardware Needed - In traditional networking IDF closets are needed every 100 meters and house network switches.
  • Transmits PoE Plus 802.3AT which eliminates the need for PoE inserters.
  • Transparent to the network - Simply plug and play, no set up or configuration required.
  • Can be used for indoor or outdoor cameras.
  • transmitts up to 100mbps up to 1,640 feet.
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